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Mandala of Life and Death

Wellington Museum of Land & Sea
Death & Diversity Exhibition, 2011

"Mandala of Life and Death" at the Wellington Museum of Land and Sea, was featured as part of the Death and Diversity Exhibition in conjunction with the Office of Ethnic Affairs. The work is a collaboration between Imagine the land and the Amitbha Buddhist Hospice. It is based on the template of a Tibetan Sand Mandala in combination with Aotearoa and South Pacific designs. By nature the work is impermanent, constructed from a vibrant array of hand ground fine pigments, including Pounamu dust, Huia ochre’s and Omaru stone dust gathered from around New Zealand.The work was created onsite over a 50-hour period that was open to public viewing, visitors delighted in the experience engaging in inquisitive questions with the artists in relation to the work.

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