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Multi Media: Soil, Raglan sand, Lime dust, ceramic pieces, coffee, ground corn 2010 Raglan, Aotearoa (New Zealand)

An expression of beauty was produced in remembrance to the fires that destroyed the iconic local businesses of Raglan’s wharf. A land based installation art work was created from all natural materials on the open site remaining after the fire.

It was a community event, with the work being facilitated by the artists and open to community participating in the creation. A large 8 meter diameter installation was built on the site using all natural materials including Raglan sand, light red soils and coffee grounds. A theme of Matariki was woven into the design. The Raglan community was excited about the project, throughout the day people participated in the creative process of building the installation and spectators were delighted to view the work progress throughout the day.

It’s like a beautiful phoenix rising out the ashes, one spectator expressed.

As the day drew to a close, a large group of women from the Maori visual arts program held at Poihakena brought a magic energy that swept over the installation and its completion. The work and it’s natural materials are impermanent and naturally deconstructed with the winter elements.



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