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Te Uru, West Auckland Regional Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand, 2016

Oneone means soil or earth in the Māori language which has over 30 terms for different clays, soils and gravels. The project uncovers and highlights the rich qualities of the earthen pigments of the Waitakere Ranges and Whau Regions discovering the regions geological richness to reveal the raw material and earthly palimpsest such as its volcanic and igneous materials, different coloured clays, soils, sands and muds.
Over the duration of several workshops 75 children from Green Bay and Konini Primary schools joined in a collective creative effort to make local soils into hand made pigments and paints to paint 7 rocks and paperworks.
Ekarasa Doblanovic in collaboration with Maurice van Cooten.
Generously Funded by Whau Local Board and Waitakere Ranges Local Board.

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